Celeste Sibolboro is a hidden gem of a resource for single Catholic women who desire the vocation of marriage. From her experiences in waiting longer than she expected to get married, Celeste created a uniquely crafted program for single Catholic women who are seeking a deeper faith in God and who desire true love without compromising their values.

Sonja Corbitt, the Bible Study Evangelista, is an excellent Catholic resource to assist with working on your issues and learning to hear God’s voice. I discovered Sonja Corbitt in 2015. Sonja Corbitt has helped me tremendously to understand the scriptures in light of Catholic Church teaching.  She offers a great podcast and books that I have found very helpful.

I have had a subscription to the Magnificat for several years. I use it every day to read the Holy Scriptures. It has aided me greatly in growing a consistent prayer life. Also, I really like bringing this book with me to mass, as it contains the daily, Sunday, and Holy Day of Obligation mass readings.  While I like the hard copy edition, there is a digital edition available as well.

Although I married in 2011, I believe the social dynamics of dating have significantly changed since then. This film, along with accompanying discussion guides, will offer men and women tools in relating with each other in ways that allow true connection and the possibility of marriage.

For a long time, I wanted to work with a life coach. When I met Lisa Mladinich, a Catholic coach, I was immediately moved by the gift she has for assisting her clients to see all things anew. Lisa has helped me to unearth new directions for my life as I worked through private and group coaching sessions. I wholeheartedly believe in her mission, which she carries out with skill, strength and much needed compassion. If you are looking for some assistance or direction, I highly recommend working with Lisa Mladinich.


When I was single, there was not any hopeful literature regarding the desire to marry available. As I continued to seek the Lord regarding my desire, I did come across a few books and a magazine article. While these are not of the Catholic faith, I would like to share these with you, as I believe that these books offer some hope regarding this subject. The magazine article was the very first piece of hope that I found written on this subject!

The Freedom to Marry, Seven Dynamic Steps to Marriage Readiness, by Ellen Varughese

Get Married: What Women Can Do to Help It Happen, by Candice Watters

Getting Serious About Getting Married: Rethinking the Gift of Singleness, by Debbie Maken

The Singlehood Phenomenon: The Top Ten Reasons Singles Are Afraid to Marry, by Beverly Rodgers, Phd and Tom Rodgers, PhD

The following is a magazine article written by Kimberly Hartke, “Singular Hope – How to Help the Marriage-Minded Single”