Reasons for Prolonged Singleness Part 5

As we move along into the season of Fall and with this series on reasons for prolonged singleness, this month’s topic of discussion is spiritual warfare and the accompanying need for prayer. Now, I have always known that the devil exists and tries to wreak havoc in our lives. However, it is the exact way in which he attacks singles that I am going to point out. This blog post is a little...

The Struggle to Marry

I first began hearing that there was a vocation to the single life over 15 years ago, when I, myself, was still single. In my late thirties, I was discouraged, and seriously seeking God for a spouse. Various individuals would routinely comment to me that perhaps I was called to be single. I believe this comment was offered by well-meaning folks who lacked a theological foundation on how to offer...

Anatomy of a Date, Part 1

A few weeks ago, I finally sat down and rented the film, The Dating Project via Amazon Prime. It was a documentary that I had heard about and wanted to see for some time. All I knew about the film was that it involved college students, a college professor, a campus, and an assignment to go on dates. However, there was so much more to it as I learned. This movie was a bird’s eye view into the...

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