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Happy Spring! I wanted to reach out and let you know of three different items available for you. Please see the details below for more information: Mourning Glory Grief Podcast. I was a guest on this podcast recently, getting to discuss prolonged singleness and the grief experienced by singles when the desire for marriage goes unfulfilled. This is a sadness that is often unacknowledged. I...

Reasons for Prolonged Singleness 8

Hello there and thank you for continuing along with me in this series on the reasons for prolonged singleness. We are now on Part 8 and have one more blog post in the series to cover after this one. While this topic has taken some time (there was also a break in there) I do think it was good to cover individually the various reasons for prolonged singleness. Of course, the reasons offered in...


Hello everyone, I have two events that I am speaking at which may interest you. The first is a Masterclass called Ready for Love:  An online retreat for single Catholic women over 35 who are ready to connect deeper with their Faith, the Saints, and find a Godly relationship. This virtual retreat is for Catholic single ladies ages 35 and over. Anne-Marie Klobe has brought together over 20...

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