Prolonged Singleness and the Bible: A Study of Tobit Part I

When I was in my mid-thirties and really struggling with this entire singleness issue, I asked God why no one in the Bible ever struggled to get married? I complained to him that there were several women in the bible who had wrestled with infertility – Sarah, Hannah, and Elizabeth. He saw their pain and performed a miracle, thus enabling each one to bear and birth a child.   ...

Can The Bible Teach Us to Date? Part III

In September I began the current blog series, “Can the Bible Teach Us to Date?”  This is a three part blog series concluding this month wherein I have been examining biblical principles that can be applied to dating relationships. Last month’s blog post concluded with principle # 4, Following Ruth’s Lead. This month, I will pick up below with the fifth principle: 5. God Works Within...

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