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I’d like to introduce you to Deanna Bartalini, a speaker, write and retreat leader who loves scripture and the faith. In January, she began an online platform, Inform, Engage, Inspire, a place to gather and learn about the faith.

What is Inform, Engage, Inspire?

It is an online community of people interested in learning more about the Catholic faith. I have webinars which I offer live and then record to keep on the website. In my experience, people are searching for information and answers, stated in ways that are straightforward and easy to understand. My goal is to share the truth, beauty and goodness of Catholicism.

What kinds of topics do you cover?

Our past webinars include a series on Grace in the Catechism, scripture and saints; The Call to Abundance which explores the life Jesus offers us; Inspired for Freedom talks bout how to live out our Christian life. We also hosted a book study on What to say and How to say It by Brandon Vogt.

What is your next offering?

In August, we will begin a Bible study on the Book of Acts which I am very excited about. Acts has 28 chapters, which we will cover from Aug 5 to Sept.2. I have written a downloadable study guide which includes an overview of Acts and questions for discussion and personal reflection. Each evening we will meet using a Zoom link and I’ll give an overview of the chapters for the week and then discuss the questions. The point of the webinars is not just to listen to a lecture, but to engage with each other and ask questions.

What do participants need to do?

The best way to learn about God’s word is to read and study it. It will be helpful to read the chapters ahead of time, answer the questions and note any questions you have. If that’s not possible, come to the webinars anyway – you will still get something out of our time together.

Is there a cost for this?

Yes and no. The study guide is $7 and while optional will allow for greater participation. There is no charge for the webinars, though you can give a free will offering at the end of the study.

What is your experience teaching Bible study?

I have served in parish ministry for over 40 years as a catechist, director of faith formation for children and adults, youth minister, prayer leader, retreat leader and stewardship director. I also have a master’s degree from Loyola University. I have always been involved facilitating and teaching Bible study even when it wasn’t my job. I’ve published a study Invite the Holy Spirit into Your Life with Our Sunday Visitor.

How can I sign up for the Acts study?

It’s pretty simple! Click on Study of the Book of Acts, enter your email address and you’ll receive all the information you need. You can also email me (Deanna) at dgbartalini(at)gmail(dot)com.

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