Prolonged Singleness and the Bible: A Study of Tobit, Part III

This month, I continue with the study of the book of Tobit, specifically looking at prolonged singleness in the Bible. In the blog post, “Prolonged Singleness and the Bible: A Study of Tobit  Part I,” I provided a summary of the Book of Tobit. Next, in the blog post, “Prolonged Singleness and the Bible: A Study of Tobit Part II,” I probed Sarah’s situation and how it mirrors our...

Valentine’s Day When You Are Single

This weekend is Valentine’s Day when everyone celebrates love with hearts, flowers, and gifts. I can still remember my years of prolonged singleness when I had no one to spend Valentine’s Day with. On the rare occasion that I was dating someone at the time, it unfortunately ended up being a disappointing holiday. It was not until I met my husband that anyone ever truly put the effort into...

The Blessed Virgin Mary Loves Marriage, Too

When I was single, I desperately prayed for a spouse. I prayed individual prayers and I prayed novenas. I asked St. Jude and St. Rita to intercede for me because I believed my situation was so hopeless and impossible. I prayed novenas to St. Martha and to St. Therese the Little Flower, as I was moved and encouraged by each of their stories. I also sought the assistance of St. Raphael the...

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